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Listen or watch our Facebook fan-page for the question and play along weekday mornings between 650 and 8am.


If you have the correct answer any day of the week, you will qualify for the draw on Friday to win a $50.00 Tims Gift Card – coffee, lunch, for you or coffee to share with the office!


Here are some past questions & answers.


Nov 21

If you are average, you’ll do THIS 13 times today.

ANSWER: Laugh!


Nov 20

Sales of THIS have doubled in the last year.

ANSWER: Hand sanitizer!


Nov 19

According to a survey, 12% of parents admit to asking their kids for help with THIS! What is it?
ANSWER: Help with the TV remote!



Nov 18

When talking to other guys, 1 in 5 men refer to their wife as THIS! What is it?

ANSWER: The boss!


Nov 17

According to a recent survey , women think THIS is the rudest thing you can do on a date. What is it??
ANSWER: Ordering her food!


Nov 14

THIS is the #1 thing you should never do in the nude! What is it?

ANSWER: Cook bacon!


Nov 13

47% of women buy THIS when they're feeling down. What is it??
ANSWER: Make-up!



Nov 12

Nearly 400 couples were recently asked the secret to a happy marriage. What was the #1 answer?

ANSWER: Happy wife, happy life!



Nov 10

9% of people do THIS at the grocery store. What is it?

ANSWER: Read nutrition labels!



Nov 7

18% of women say THIS is the first thing they look upon entering a man's home for the first time. What is it?

ANSWER: Dirty dishes!



Nov 6

According to a recent survey, 67% of ladies say that they absolutely CAN NOT live without THIS! What is it??

ANSWER: Lip-balm!



Nov 5

A new survey reveals that 32% of women would NEVER do THIS in front of a man. What is it?

ANSWER: Exercise!


Nov 4

One in four guys in a new survey from Men's Health Magazine has admitted that they really don't know how to use one of THESE. What is it?

ANSWER: Dishwasher!



Nov 3

Ladies were asked…tell us something you’d love your husband to say to you without prompting… 1. I love you 2. have you lost weight... What’s #3??

ANSWER: Let's go out to eat!


Oct 31

According to an online survey , THIS was rated as the #1 scariest movie of all time!

ANSWER: The Shining!


Oct 30

THIS movie has been show on basic cable more than any other in the past year! Which movie?

ANSWER: Mrs. Doubtfire!


Oct 29

In a new survey, people said that THIS was now their #1 fear. What is it??

ANSWER: Walking alone at night!


Oct 28

Over 2/3 of people have a favorite one of THESE! What is it?
ANSWER: Coffee cup!


Oct 27
The average person only uses THIS 8 times a month. What is it?
ANSWER: Landline phone!


Oct 23

When asked what the biggest gripe people had of their significant other's bedroom habits, THIS was the #1 annoyance! What is it?

ANSWER: Eating in bed.


Oct 22

According to a new survey, people who do THIS are the most annoying people on Facebook! What is it??

ANSWER People who gush over their significant other.


Oct 21

80% of women use THIS on a daily basis. What is it?

ANSWER: Hairspray!


Oct 20

According to a recent survey, 30% of people admitted to owning one of THESE in the 80’s. What is it?

ANSWER: A black light!



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