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If you call in with the correct answer any day of the week, you will qualify for the draw on Friday to win a 50.00 Tims Gift Card – coffee, lunch, for you or coffee to share with the office!

April 15


According to a new survey, 60% of couples have argued while on vacation because one member of the couple would not stop doing this.  


answer - Working or checking emails!


April 14


The average person spends 34 minutes a day on Monday doing this, and 17 minutes every other day of the week. What is it? Answer: Complaining!


April 11


A recent survey asked "If you could have one superhuman power, what would it be?" What was the number 1 answer? Answer: The ability to read minds!


April 10


According to a new survey, 23% of single women say a man can make or break a first date depending on the type of this that he shows up with.


answer -his car!


April 9


Q. Glamour magazine says, 17% of men say they would NEVER do this for their better half. What?

A. Buy feminine products for her!



April 8


44% of people have one of these even though it no longer works.  What is it?
Answer:  Car air freshener


April 7


33% of married women say this is the hardest thing they have to get their husband to do.  What is it?

Answer: Got to the doctors


April 4


Men who have one of these are supposed to be better adjusted... What do they have?

Answer: Men with a sister


April 3


Experts claim, there are 4 foods that almost all picky people will eat. 3 of them are: Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese and Chocolate Chip cookies. What's the 4th food on the list? Answer: French Fries!


April 2


44% of men wish their partner would do this more often.  What is it?

Answer: A back rub


April 1


According to a new survey, 13% of parents ask their kids for advice on this. What?


Answer: Fashion!


March 31


27% of women wish their man didn't own WHAT??


answer - golf clubs!


March 28


A recent survey shows that the average person does THIS about 18 times a day while they’re at work. What is it?


answer - curse!


March 27


This has made 24% of women cry.  What is it?
Answer:  A TV commercial


March 26


Almost 90 percent of us do this on a regular basis -- up from around 20 percent in 1983. What is it?

Answer: Wear a seat belt


March 25


People who do not complain about this have better marriages ...
answer - Flatulence!


March 24


In a recent poll, women say THIS is the most annoying thing men can wear! What?


answer - black tube socks!


March 21


In a poll of married women, leaving underwear on the floor is rated the most annoying ‘husband habit’ except for THIS. What?


answer - watching too much sports!


March 20


It takes the average woman 45% longer than the average man to do THIS.


Answer: To order food at a restaurant


March 19


A recent survey shows that women say this is the sexiest thing a husband can do. What is it?

Answer: Take care of her when she's sick.


March 18


Question: The average American has 13 of THESE; the average Canadian has twice as many.


Answer: Vacation days.


March 17


According to a recent survey, tax experts asked this question – What do you wish you could write off on your tax return? THIS was the #1 answer?


answer - coffee!


March 13


According to women ... men in THIS profession are very passionate... What is the profession?


answer - mechanics!


March 11


“Got Milk” is the most famous commercial tagline in history. What was #2 ?
Don't leave home without it (American Express)


March 10


According to a new poll, this is the number one occupation that women don't want to date. What is the job?


Answer: Funeral Home Director!


March 6


The average person thoroughly cleans THIS only once every two years. What is it?


answer - Their car's glove box!


March 5


Women think about THIS 5 times a day while men think about it about 2-3 times a week. What is it??

Answer : Grocery shopping


March 4


According to Men’s Health Magazine, about 45% of guys in a recent survey agree that women who do THIS look extra beautiful. What is it?

Answer : Wear glasses


March 3


In a recent fashion poll, THIS article of clothing was picked as the item women should never wear.


Answer: Overalls


February 28


The #1 turn-off for men, when it comes to women, is tattoos. For women, it's beards. The #2 turn-off for both genders is the same... What is it?
answer - Bad Breath.


February 27


It’s a proven fact that women do THIS 3 times as much as men.  Answer: Cry.


February 26


More than half of women admit they never, ever clean THIS.   Answer: Their Purse


February 25


If a man has THIS, a woman is more likely to give him her phone number.


Answer: A Guitar


February 24


When did you know he really loved you? 6% of women said, "When he"...?


Answer: Let me borrow his car!


February 21

Men are twice as likely as women to do this on the job -- whether their co-workers like it or not. What is it?
ANSWER: Come in to work while sick.



February 20


Today’s Question: A majority of women surveyed admit they think about THIS after just the first date.  

Answer: How the guy’s last name sounds


february 19


According to a recent survey from Men's Health Magazine, men are happier, generally healthier and more confident if they have THIS. What is it?

Answer : A sister


February 18


 A recent survey asking the important questions of life – If you could be any flavor, what flavor would you be? Coffee is the number 1 answer – What is number 2?

Answer : Banana


February 14


According to a recent survey on the food network, the most hated food is liver, followed by lima beans.  What comes next on the list?

Answer : Mushrooms



February 13


91% of people say a relationship is beginning to get serious when this happens.  What is it?

Answer - One person cooks dinner for the other


February 12


According to a new study, over the past five years the average amount of time you spend at a stoplight has increased by four seconds because of this.  


answer - People checking their phone!


Feb 11th
Relationship survey revealed that 1 in 5 ladies admit they would break up with a guy if he does this.
ANSWER: Plays video-games!
February 10
Survey asked “what brings you the greatest joy”, 35% of respondents said it was THIS. 


Answer: A clean home
February 7
Question - 24% of people say this is their biggest grocery store pet peeve.  What is it?
Answer - Coupon clippers who hold up lines
February 5
Question-According to a new survey of 1000 ladies, 55% said that the craving for THIS, could easily get them up out of a dead sleep and off to the store!

answer - Pringles! (More specifically, sour cream and onion)
February 4
Married people do THIS almost 100% more than single people. What is it?
answer - apologize!
February 3
A new survey says that 30% of married people don't know this about their spouse. What is it?
Answer: How much they make!
January 31
According to a new survey of married women, this is the number one thing they hate about sharing the bathroom with their husbands. 
Answer -  stubble in the sink!
January 30
Men consider this the ultimate act of love in a relationship.
answer - Cooking them a meal!
January 29
According to a new study... WHAT SHOULD MEN DO to make their wives HAPPIER?
Answer: Work more than 50 hours a week.



January 26


According to a survey, if you fully write out the items on your grocery list instead of abbreviating, this is the item misspelled most often. What is it?


Answer: Mayonnaise!


January 25


According to a recent study, the more education you have , the bigger THIS is... What is it?


answer - your signature!


January 24


A new study say this habit can ruin your marriage.


answer - watching TV during dinner!


January 23

About 60% of people say they do THIS when nobody else is home.  What is it?
Answer - Leave the bathroom door open


January 22


We think of these as made for kids, but two-thirds of adults use one. What are they?

Answer : Piggy banks.


January 21


More than 55% of men are convinced that having this helps them get a date. What is it?

answer - Having a Dog


January 20


In a recent survey, 14% of men admitted that they have never done this easy household task. What?


Answer: Put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder!


January 17


A recent poll of men says that THIS is the number one, get her in the mood, sexy time song!

Sexual Healing-Marvin Gaye


January 16


26% of women say wearing this boosts their confidence.  What is it?

Answer - Red lipstick


January 15


According to a survey, the average woman says she starts doing this at the age of 31.

Starts acting like her mother!


January 14

15% of people say THIS is the most awkward moment during a first date. What is it?

answer - when the dinner bill arrives!


January 13


According to a recent survey, this is the number one thing that puts a person in a bad mood in the morning. What?


Answer: Spilling something on yourself!

January 10


According to a new poll, this person is currently the 'Most Hated Celebrity!' Who?

Answer - Gwyneth Paltrow!


January 9


Question - 23% of women would do this to reach their ideal weight in 2014. What is it?

Answer - Shave their head


January 8


According to a new survey, when it comes to being rude at work, 75% of people say THIS is the rudest thing you can do on the job. What is it?

Answer - Cursing


January 7


According to Women's Daily, 72% of women said their fondest teenage memory is of THIS. What is it?

Answer : Their first car!


January 6

Women's Health Magazine did a survey and found out that about 37% of adults say THIS is a sure-fire way to get out of a bad mood. What is it?


answer - shopping!


January 2


44% of men have made a fool of themselves trying to do this in front of a woman. What is it?
Answer: Open a bottle of wine or champagne

Dec 31

So this past year, 1 in 5 missed out on a raise at work because they do this?

ANSWER: Dress too casually!

Dec 30

Women carry a lot of unusual things in their purses. In fact, a recent survey shows that 8% of women have put this in their purse.


Dec 24

When asked about Christmas Eve, 1 in 3 believe it’s the best time to do WHAT?

ANSWER: Get engaged!


Dec 23

1 in 10 of us actually have one of these up to help with Christmas.

ANSWER: A Christmas savings account.



December 20



43% of people in a Red Book Magazine survey said this year they would absolutely re-gift THIS if they get it.  What is it?
A: Candles


December 19

What was your biggest holiday fight with the family about? 22% of people said THIS!
ANSWER: Board-games!



December 18


When people were asked to name 3 things they don't want for Christmas, almost 40% of people included…
answer - Sweater



December 14




According to a new survey, the #1 thing you hate about the Holidays is waiting in long lines and dealing with Crowds at the stores. What's #2?


A:   Gaining Weight!

December 13


Question - A survey found that 1 in 5 men are comfortable enough to do this after only 3 months in a relationship.  What is it?
Answer - Share a toothbrush


December 12


16% of women have demended their man do this.  What is it?
Answer - pluck his eyebrows   


December 11


1 in 5 of us will do THIS in the month of December. What is it?



answer - fake a sick day!



December 10



The average person does this 26 times during the holiday season.  What is it?
Answer - Signs an average of 26 Christmas cards


December 9th

Just about every home has one of these, only about a third of them are in working order. What?
ANSWER: Flashlights!


December 6


A million of these will be purchased in 2013.  70% of them will never be used.  What is it?
Answer - Workout videos


December 5


One-third of women would change THIS about themselves if they could…
ANSWER: Their laugh!


December 4



Almost 70% of women say before they go out with their significant other for the evening he needs to do THIS. What is it?


answer - change his shoes


December 3


94% of engaged men refuse to do THIS for their bride to be! What is it?



answer - Change their last name to hers!


December 2


According to a new survey, 84% of married men say they will be doing THIS for at least part of Christmas day. What is it?



answer - helping to cook the meal!