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April 23

Almost half of those folks who have signed up for this have never actually used what?
ANSWER: Twitter!


April 22

You'll likely use over 50 feet of what this every year?

ANSWER: Dental floss



April 17

About 90 percent of us own one of THESE, but most of us never use it . What is it?


answer - the Bible


April 16

According to new statistics, when it comes to online dating profiles, the thing women lie about most is their weight. What do men lie about most?


Answer: Their jobs!


April 15


According to a new survey, 60% of couples have argued while on vacation because one member of the couple would not stop doing this.  


answer - Working or checking emails!


April 14


The average person spends 34 minutes a day on Monday doing this, and 17 minutes every other day of the week. What is it? Answer: Complaining!


April 11


A recent survey asked "If you could have one superhuman power, what would it be?" What was the number 1 answer? Answer: The ability to read minds!


April 10


According to a new survey, 23% of single women say a man can make or break a first date depending on the type of this that he shows up with.


answer -his car!


April 9


Q. Glamour magazine says, 17% of men say they would NEVER do this for their better half. What?

A. Buy feminine products for her!



April 8


44% of people have one of these even though it no longer works.  What is it?
Answer:  Car air freshener


April 7


33% of married women say this is the hardest thing they have to get their husband to do.  What is it?

Answer: Got to the doctors


April 4


Men who have one of these are supposed to be better adjusted... What do they have?

Answer: Men with a sister


April 3


Experts claim, there are 4 foods that almost all picky people will eat. 3 of them are: Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese and Chocolate Chip cookies. What's the 4th food on the list? Answer: French Fries!


April 2


44% of men wish their partner would do this more often.  What is it?

Answer: A back rub


April 1


According to a new survey, 13% of parents ask their kids for advice on this. What?


Answer: Fashion!


March 31


27% of women wish their man didn't own WHAT??


answer - golf clubs!


March 28


A recent survey shows that the average person does THIS about 18 times a day while they’re at work. What is it?


answer - curse!


March 27


This has made 24% of women cry.  What is it?
Answer:  A TV commercial


March 26


Almost 90 percent of us do this on a regular basis -- up from around 20 percent in 1983. What is it?

Answer: Wear a seat belt


March 25


People who do not complain about this have better marriages ...
answer - Flatulence!


March 24


In a recent poll, women say THIS is the most annoying thing men can wear! What?


answer - black tube socks!


March 21


In a poll of married women, leaving underwear on the floor is rated the most annoying ‘husband habit’ except for THIS. What?


answer - watching too much sports!


March 20


It takes the average woman 45% longer than the average man to do THIS.


Answer: To order food at a restaurant


March 19


A recent survey shows that women say this is the sexiest thing a husband can do. What is it?

Answer: Take care of her when she's sick.


March 18


Question: The average American has 13 of THESE; the average Canadian has twice as many.


Answer: Vacation days.


March 17


According to a recent survey, tax experts asked this question – What do you wish you could write off on your tax return? THIS was the #1 answer?


answer - coffee!


March 13


According to women ... men in THIS profession are very passionate... What is the profession?


answer - mechanics!


March 11


“Got Milk” is the most famous commercial tagline in history. What was #2 ?
Don't leave home without it (American Express)


March 10


According to a new poll, this is the number one occupation that women don't want to date. What is the job?


Answer: Funeral Home Director!


March 6


The average person thoroughly cleans THIS only once every two years. What is it?


answer - Their car's glove box!


March 5


Women think about THIS 5 times a day while men think about it about 2-3 times a week. What is it??

Answer : Grocery shopping


March 4


According to Men’s Health Magazine, about 45% of guys in a recent survey agree that women who do THIS look extra beautiful. What is it?

Answer : Wear glasses


March 3


In a recent fashion poll, THIS article of clothing was picked as the item women should never wear.


Answer: Overalls


February 28


The #1 turn-off for men, when it comes to women, is tattoos. For women, it's beards. The #2 turn-off for both genders is the same... What is it?
answer - Bad Breath.


February 27


It’s a proven fact that women do THIS 3 times as much as men.  Answer: Cry.


February 26


More than half of women admit they never, ever clean THIS.   Answer: Their Purse


February 25


If a man has THIS, a woman is more likely to give him her phone number.


Answer: A Guitar


February 24


When did you know he really loved you? 6% of women said, "When he"...?


Answer: Let me borrow his car!


February 21

Men are twice as likely as women to do this on the job -- whether their co-workers like it or not. What is it?
ANSWER: Come in to work while sick.



February 20


Today’s Question: A majority of women surveyed admit they think about THIS after just the first date.  

Answer: How the guy’s last name sounds


february 19


According to a recent survey from Men's Health Magazine, men are happier, generally healthier and more confident if they have THIS. What is it?

Answer : A sister


February 18


 A recent survey asking the important questions of life – If you could be any flavor, what flavor would you be? Coffee is the number 1 answer – What is number 2?

Answer : Banana


February 14


According to a recent survey on the food network, the most hated food is liver, followed by lima beans.  What comes next on the list?

Answer : Mushrooms



February 13


91% of people say a relationship is beginning to get serious when this happens.  What is it?

Answer - One person cooks dinner for the other


February 12


According to a new study, over the past five years the average amount of time you spend at a stoplight has increased by four seconds because of this.  


answer - People checking their phone!


Feb 11th
Relationship survey revealed that 1 in 5 ladies admit they would break up with a guy if he does this.
ANSWER: Plays video-games!
February 10
Survey asked “what brings you the greatest joy”, 35% of respondents said it was THIS. 


Answer: A clean home
February 7
Question - 24% of people say this is their biggest grocery store pet peeve.  What is it?
Answer - Coupon clippers who hold up lines
February 5
Question-According to a new survey of 1000 ladies, 55% said that the craving for THIS, could easily get them up out of a dead sleep and off to the store!

answer - Pringles! (More specifically, sour cream and onion)
February 4
Married people do THIS almost 100% more than single people. What is it?
answer - apologize!
February 3
A new survey says that 30% of married people don't know this about their spouse. What is it?
Answer: How much they make!
January 31
According to a new survey of married women, this is the number one thing they hate about sharing the bathroom with their husbands. 
Answer -  stubble in the sink!
January 30
Men consider this the ultimate act of love in a relationship.
answer - Cooking them a meal!
January 29
According to a new study... WHAT SHOULD MEN DO to make their wives HAPPIER?
Answer: Work more than 50 hours a week.



January 26


According to a survey, if you fully write out the items on your grocery list instead of abbreviating, this is the item misspelled most often. What is it?


Answer: Mayonnaise!


January 25


According to a recent study, the more education you have , the bigger THIS is... What is it?


answer - your signature!


January 24


A new study say this habit can ruin your marriage.


answer - watching TV during dinner!


January 23

About 60% of people say they do THIS when nobody else is home.  What is it?
Answer - Leave the bathroom door open


January 22


We think of these as made for kids, but two-thirds of adults use one. What are they?

Answer : Piggy banks.


January 21


More than 55% of men are convinced that having this helps them get a date. What is it?

answer - Having a Dog


January 20


In a recent survey, 14% of men admitted that they have never done this easy household task. What?


Answer: Put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder!


January 17


A recent poll of men says that THIS is the number one, get her in the mood, sexy time song!

Sexual Healing-Marvin Gaye


January 16


26% of women say wearing this boosts their confidence.  What is it?

Answer - Red lipstick


January 15


According to a survey, the average woman says she starts doing this at the age of 31.

Starts acting like her mother!


January 14

15% of people say THIS is the most awkward moment during a first date. What is it?

answer - when the dinner bill arrives!


January 13


According to a recent survey, this is the number one thing that puts a person in a bad mood in the morning. What?


Answer: Spilling something on yourself!

January 10


According to a new poll, this person is currently the 'Most Hated Celebrity!' Who?

Answer - Gwyneth Paltrow!


January 9


Question - 23% of women would do this to reach their ideal weight in 2014. What is it?

Answer - Shave their head


January 8


According to a new survey, when it comes to being rude at work, 75% of people say THIS is the rudest thing you can do on the job. What is it?

Answer - Cursing


January 7


According to Women's Daily, 72% of women said their fondest teenage memory is of THIS. What is it?

Answer : Their first car!


January 6

Women's Health Magazine did a survey and found out that about 37% of adults say THIS is a sure-fire way to get out of a bad mood. What is it?


answer - shopping!


January 2


44% of men have made a fool of themselves trying to do this in front of a woman. What is it?
Answer: Open a bottle of wine or champagne

Dec 31

So this past year, 1 in 5 missed out on a raise at work because they do this?

ANSWER: Dress too casually!

Dec 30

Women carry a lot of unusual things in their purses. In fact, a recent survey shows that 8% of women have put this in their purse.


Dec 24

When asked about Christmas Eve, 1 in 3 believe it’s the best time to do WHAT?

ANSWER: Get engaged!


Dec 23

1 in 10 of us actually have one of these up to help with Christmas.

ANSWER: A Christmas savings account.



December 20



43% of people in a Red Book Magazine survey said this year they would absolutely re-gift THIS if they get it.  What is it?
A: Candles


December 19

What was your biggest holiday fight with the family about? 22% of people said THIS!
ANSWER: Board-games!



December 18


When people were asked to name 3 things they don't want for Christmas, almost 40% of people included…
answer - Sweater



December 14




According to a new survey, the #1 thing you hate about the Holidays is waiting in long lines and dealing with Crowds at the stores. What's #2?


A:   Gaining Weight!

December 13


Question - A survey found that 1 in 5 men are comfortable enough to do this after only 3 months in a relationship.  What is it?
Answer - Share a toothbrush


December 12


16% of women have demended their man do this.  What is it?
Answer - pluck his eyebrows   


December 11


1 in 5 of us will do THIS in the month of December. What is it?



answer - fake a sick day!



December 10



The average person does this 26 times during the holiday season.  What is it?
Answer - Signs an average of 26 Christmas cards


December 9th

Just about every home has one of these, only about a third of them are in working order. What?
ANSWER: Flashlights!


December 6


A million of these will be purchased in 2013.  70% of them will never be used.  What is it?
Answer - Workout videos


December 5


One-third of women would change THIS about themselves if they could…
ANSWER: Their laugh!


December 4



Almost 70% of women say before they go out with their significant other for the evening he needs to do THIS. What is it?


answer - change his shoes


December 3


94% of engaged men refuse to do THIS for their bride to be! What is it?



answer - Change their last name to hers!


December 2


According to a new survey, 84% of married men say they will be doing THIS for at least part of Christmas day. What is it?



answer - helping to cook the meal!